Six Of The Must-See Beaches Near London

If you are a resident of London, you are likely looking for beaches near London. Luckily for you, many beaches are near London within travelling distance. There is nothing quite like it either. It is a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of London. Living in London is really incredible and there is…

If you are a resident of London, you are likely looking for beaches near London. Luckily for you, many beaches are near London within travelling distance. There is nothing quite like it either. It is a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of London. Living in London is really incredible and there is so much to do, but it’s really good for you every now and again to get out of the city, make the most of the seaside and breathe in that fresh air! Let’s look at some of the most popular beaches near London that can allow you to escape that city life. 

What Is The Closest Beach To London? 

Well if you are looking for the closest beach to London, you don’t have to worry about travelling too far. All you need to do is drive a little over an hour and a half past Camberley, Aldershot and Farnham. 

Although this is not the typical beach next to the ocean, it does have a fantastic beach for all the locals to visit. Moreover, if you live in west/ south-west London, it is only an hour away. It is a fantastic beach for those who don’t want to drive too far to enjoy a sandy beach. 

Sea Beaches Within 1.5 Hours Away From The Capital

If you are located in South London, there are many great beaches which you can visit, whether you’re heading with friends or in a mini car solo travelling. In fact, some are only 1.5 hours away. Isle of Grain, Shellness Beach on the Isle of Sheppey and Whitstable are some of the beaches that you can easily get to and aren’t too far away. 

Best Beaches Near London 

The problem with choosing the nearest beaches to London is that they will be ridiculously busy. That is why it is better to travel further out. Yes, the drive will be longer but if you set off early in the morning, you are only adding an extra 30 mins to an hour for some of the beaches on this list. Let’s look at the beaches you can visit when the sun is shining in the South Of England. 

Margate – Walpole Bay Located

Margate is a great little town located in the southeast of England. It is a fantastic spot to have a dip because you don’t have to worry about the tide ruining your peaceful float in the sea. You can sit in your rubber ring gracefully, enjoying the sunny breeze across the beach. It is only around a 90-minute drive from London so make sure you set off nice and early to beat the traffic to this wonderful sandy beach. 

Ramsgate – Western Undercliffe and Main Sands 

Main Sands is another beach not too far from London. It makes for a great evening stroll along the beach when the sun has set. However, if you want something more secluded, we advise you to go to the Western Undercliffe. Once you have finished your day at the beach, the day isn’t over. You can enjoy a pizza and a pint of beer whilst watching the sunset for the evening. The best part about this beach is that it is never-ending, meaning it is much quieter than some other beaches which will be mentioned on this list. 


Up next is Southend On Sea which is just over an hour away from the capital. Again, this is another fantastic beach as it is England’s newest city, it is also London’s closest seaside town. It is also neighbouring another fantastic palace for enjoying the sea which is Westcliff-On-Sea. Not to mention the Ice Cream Parlor which is not too far from the Southend pier. 


If you want something quieter that isn’t too far, take a stroll along the seafront until you reach Thorpe Bay and Shoeburyness. However, you can’t swim there when there is a low tide because the estuary mud goes for miles offshore. If the tide is in, you can enjoy many watersports. Don’t get us wrong, it is anything like a 1-hour jet ski tour in Ibiza. Nevertheless, it is still a great day out. 

Folkestone – Folkestone Beach and Sunny Sands

Moving further down the coast to Folkestone. The best part about these beaches is the fact they are very different. Follkstone is much better for a stroll across the seafront and is longer than a mile. If you want something different, IE to enjoy swimming and building sandcastles with the little ones, you should go to Sunny Sands. The best part about this is that it is just over an hour from South London. Again, we suggest you go early in the morning to enjoy the beach when it is at its quietest. 

Lydd Kent – Dungeness East

If you want to see wildlife on your trip to the beach, Dungeness East is a better beach for you. Furthermore, you will see many artists and philosophers located inside fishing huts and old railways. Additionally, this fantastic beach is one of the oldest shingle beaches in Europe so that alone is worth the visit. 

Chichester – East Head at West Wittering

This next beach is located near Chichester, West Sussex. A fantastic cathedral city that is worth visiting once you have finished. Again, this is a very popular beach so if you wish to avoid society, head further up the beach along the Isthmus of East Head. Here, you will enjoy the glistening silver dunes as well as the marram grass scattered across the beach. 


If you are visiting London for the week and decided to leave your car at the Knightsbridge parking lot, your best bet would be to get the train from Victoria Station which is only a short walk away from Knightsbridge. That saves you moving your vehicle and paying extra for parking when you arrive at the beach and then drive back, not to mention the fuel you save.


To Conclude

London is a wonderful city to spend your time in, whether you are a tourist or a resident. Nonetheless, there is a time when you need a break from the busy city life. The best time to do that is at the weekend when you know the weather is going to be good. 


Remember, make sure you head off early to most of these beaches as they won’t be as busy. However, if you prefer a sunset view, they shouldn’t be too busy either as most people will be heading back.


There are more beaches than this as well however, these are some of the best and closest to London.