How To Avail The Services Of A Professional For Honey Bee Hive Removal? Here’s All The Answers You Need

It could not be denied that we do not know what nature has in store for us. For instance, there is a possibility that bees can invade our home or property at any time. When this happens to you, then you should not be hard on yourself because it is neither your desire nor fault….


It could not be denied that we do not know what nature has in store for us. For instance, there is a possibility that bees can invade our home or property at any time. When this happens to you, then you should not be hard on yourself because it is neither your desire nor fault. One thing that you should know from the onset when this happens is that you can never get rid of them by yourself. This is because of two reasons. One is that it can be hazardous. Secondly, you probably do not have the required skills to do the job effectively. First, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of hiring Best Honey Bee Rescue Company for this job.

  1. Right Knowledge and Information

They say that knowledge is power. The proficient bee evacuation services get it bees better than the laymen. They know when the bees are active and when they are torpid. For example, they usually take advantage of the darkness to kill the bees. Honey Bee Rescuers have examined the behavior of the bees, and they know and understand what they are up against. At times many homeowners might think that they have bees in their yard and yet they have hornets or wasps. All these insects need to be handled differently.

  1. Zero Fatalities

Another benefit of making use of proficient bee evacuation services is that they are usually zero fatalities. Before choosing on whatever strategy of bee removal, the proficient bee removal companies take certain safety measures. They will request the homeowners to remain inside in a more secure environment. After doing that they will wear defensive clothing that will prevent them from the bee stings when the bees strike back. In the event the homeowner wants to supervise the process, he will be given defensive clothing. Therefore, simply opt for Honey Bee Hive Removal professionals.

  1. Manage Allergy

When getting rid of bees, you’ll be required to use particular pesticides. The chances are that it can be the first time that you just are acquiring the pesticide. Different individuals are allergic to varying chemicals from which these pesticides are made from.

Some individuals are also allergic to the bee stings. One of the ways of guaranteeing that you manage the hypersensitivities that might emerge well is by making use of the proficient bee removal services.

  1. Protective Equipment

Other than buying the pesticide, you’ll be required to buy the protective hardware to protect you from the bee stings. The protective equipment is costly. You don’t need to spend lots of cash on the defensive gear and utilize it once in ten years or a lifetime. Enlisting proficient bee removal service providers is cheaper in the long-run.

Now that you know why it’s important to hire Honey Bee Rescuer than do it yourself, let’s have a look at the questions to ask when hiring proficient for Honey Bee Hive Removal.

1: Are they licensed by The Structural Pest Control Board?

It is imperative to know that unless a company is licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board they are not lawfully permitted to use pesticides…even over the counter products and “green” products. Numerous companies claim they are authorized because they have a Contractor’s License or a Beekeepers license, but those licenses don’t allow them to utilize pesticides legally. It is against the law for any paid company to use any pesticide without a license by the Structural Pest Control Board. Only a substantial license with The Structural Pest Control Board permits a company to both, apply pesticides, and open a structure to expel a hive.

2: Are they certified by the State of California for Africanized Honey Bees?

Numerous companies claim to remove bees alive from Structures. Did you know the Structural Pest Control Board of California considers live expulsions from structures in San Diego District to be reckless and unsafe? Select a company that’s a killer bee certified to assist diminish the hazard of stinging incidents to your family, pets, and neighbors.

3: Will the company you contract be performing the work, or will it be subbed out?

Many companies online don’t have workers on their payroll who perform the work they subcontract with people who may not be licensed, may not be insured and may have a criminal background.

4: Do they carry Liability Insurance?

Blunders can happen anytime, but mistakes that happen when dealing with bees can be harmful. Before you let any company set up a ladder, inspect a crawl space, or even walk on your property make sure to inquire for an insurance certificate to see if they are currently covered in case anything goes off-base. Inquire for a Certificate of Insurance proving that their workers are covered for Auto, General Liability and Workers Comp. Working with bees is hazardous and one mistake with an Africanized colony of bees can be deadly.

5: How many years have they been in business and will they warranty their work?

The industry standard is 30 days for eliminations and 6 months to 1 year for structural removals. Many bee companies are here one day and gone the other. A one year warranty is no good if the company you contract is out of business next month. Always check the number of years in the profession and where their office is found. Do they have a nearby physical address? If they are reachable only by phone, what will you do if you have a dispute? How will you know if they will stand behind their work?